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Gastronomy of Pantelleria

Pantescan gastronomy reveals the traces and tastes of the various peoples who have inhabited the island and includes several absolute musts. From the island itself come the delicately flavoured ricotta and mint ravioli and the aromatic 'pesto pantesco'. This sauce, composed of olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, dasil and peppers, accompanies equally happily spaghetti, meat or fish. The justifiably famous Pantescan capers are to be found everywhere, and along with the heady local origan give the cuisine its very particular touch. From nearby Africa comes the fish couscous, always served with a variety of vegetables and usually as a main dish. 'Sciakisciuka' is a hot, spicy Mediterranean vegetable stew; the dominant ingredient of 'Cuccurumma' is local zucchini. From the sea come fish so fresh and tasty as to merit the simplest of preparations; it is either grilled or baked. These fish go by the evocative local names of 'Ricciole','Dentici', 'Cernie', 'Saraghi', 'Pesce Spada', 'Aragoste', and along with the reefs' abundance of lobster, crabs, sea urchins, anemones and so on enrich even further the local cuisine. From the Orient comes the 'Cannateddro' the traditional Easter sweet, wheras the Arab tradition has contributed delights like the lacy 'Mustazzola', as beautiful as they are delicious, perfect with a glass of Passito.


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