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Geografia dell'Isola di Pantelleria

The Geography of Pantelleria

The Geographical Coordinates are:

Lat: 36.80º N     Long: 12.00º E

Pantelleria have an area of 83 sq. km., a length of 14 km, a width of 9 km; its perimeter measures 51,5 km and its maximum height is 836 metres above sea level.

It has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters.
The annual mean temperature is 18 °C ( 64°F) Precipitations are poor since constant winds keep the sky free of clouds.

The heights of the main hills of Pantelleria are:

Monte Gibele 700 m.
Kuddia Mida 591 m.
Kuddia Attalora 560 m.
Fossa del Russo 481 m.
Kuddia del Moro 444 m.
Kuddia del Gallo 441 m.
Kuddia Patite 429 m.
Kuddia Randazzo 416 m.
Kuddia Gibele 396 m.
Gelfiser 394 m.
Kuddia Sciuveki 389 m.
Kuddia Valletta 347 m.
Kuddia Muèggen 345 m.
Kuddia Gelkhamar 289 m.
Sant'Elmo 245 m.
Kuddia Maccotta 233 m.
Kuddia Gadir 155 m.
Kuddia Bruciata 118 m.
Kuddie Rosse 36 m.

Distance from Pantelleria to:

Capo Bon (TUNISIA) 45 mgl
Cagliari 200 mgl
Marettimo 68 mgl
Favignana 68 mgl
Marsala 62 mgl
Mazara del Vallo 58 mgl
Sciacca 68 mgl
Porto Empedocle 81 mgl
Licata 97 mgl
Gela 112 mgl
Scoglitti 123 mgl
Capo Passero 160 mgl
Malta 130 mgl
Lampedusa 100 mgl

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